S7000 Storage Appliance Software 2010.02

Quietly on Wednesday March 10th SUN (Oracle) released the S7000 series 2010.02 ak Fishworks software release. This release sets an important milestone for the S7000 product line as it includes some very desirable features.


Here is a brief summary of this release.

Fibre Channel – FC targets are now a reality and are supported with the SUN Qlogic cards (e.g. qla2462)

iSER/SRP – Additional IB and Enhancements

Kerberized NFS – More NFS authentication support

VSS block target provider – VSS integration using a Windows DLL to provision point in time volume recovery and backup

CIFS access-based enumeration

Multi-interface iSCSI targets – Multipath supported

Deduplication – Yes!

Multiple pool support – Make sure you keep the number of pool devices higher for better performance.

Improved remote replication – This is a major improvement!

* optional SSL (allowing higher throughput)
* per-action throughput-throttling
* the ability to export replicated data read-only
* the ability to modify target-side properties independently of source-side properties
* share-level replication (not just project-level replication)
* dynamic disabling of remote replication, either in toto or by action

Microsoft interoperability enhancements

* Identity Mapping for Unix (IDMU)
* All CIFS service properties are now exposed via CIFS service configuration
* ACL configuration to match the expectations of Windows administrators

AD LDAP signing
Network alerts
Dynamically disabled interfaces
Alertable workflows
Indestructible shares



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